• Dr. Charles Lugosi is an excellent lawyer. Dr. Lugosi is well versed in the law and has a very sharp legal mind. More importantly Dr. Lugosi has a heart for his clients and for Canada. Unlike some lawyers who just talk the talk but don't actually do much beyond furthering their own careers, Dr. Lugosi has taken on a number of pro-bono cases to defend Canada's freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and religious liberty, at great cost to himself. Dr. Lugosi is a rare gem, as he has a great mind and a big heart. Both Canada and the legal profession is greatly blessed to have a lawyer like him.

    Bill (Canada)
  • In 2005 I was wrongfully accused and convicted of First Degree Child Abuse and sentenced to 15 Years to be served under the care of the Michigan Department of Corrections.  I immediately began the Appeal Process. In 2007 after exhausting my direct appeals with out relief I was referred to Charles Lugosi, formally a professor for Ave Maria School of Law. Charles, very matter of fact fashion, assured me through a letter that if I was indeed innocent, he and his students were going to prove this. After reviewing my transcripts and visiting with me while I was incarcerated he assured me he believed in my innocence. I was so elated and relieved that finally someone in the legal world was going to help me, rather than cause more turmoil and harm for me and my family. Charles devoted his time Pro Bono, along with several other entities, and in November 2009, still incarcerated, he came to visit me for the last time, to inform me that my conviction was overturned and that I would be released soon. For the next several months he relentlessly worked to aid in my full exoneration, which occurred in October 2010, after a second trial. I am forever grateful, and feel so honored to have met a professional, such as Charles Lugosi, who not only respects the practice of Law, but who accommodates the needs of his clients.

    Julie (USA)
  • My family and myself would like to thank you for all the hard work and time you put into my case. If it wasn’t for you and your knowledge and complexity of my case I wouldn’t be where I am today. I appreciate your care and compassion for my family during the 4 year battle for my freedom with a victory in the end. Thanks kindly.

    Ryan (Canada)
  • Dr. Charles Lugosi is a genius, he has much insight and is determined to win your case for justice. (Taken from Crease Harman Google reviews)

    Denise (Canada)
  • Charles Lugosi
    Charles Lugosi

    Dr. Lugosi was admitted to practice on April 9, 1981, and has been licensed to practice for over 38 years, not just in Ontario, but British Columbia, and in the United States, including the United States Supreme Court. Dr. Lugosi has authored three pro bono Amicus Briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court and significantly contributed to a fourth. He has appeared as lead counsel in several important cases in the Supreme Court of Canada.