Publications & Commentaries

Selected Works And Articles

Playing God: Mary Must Die So Jodie May Live Longer (2001) PDF
Punishing the Factually Innocent: DNA, Habeas Corpus and Justice PDF
Respecting Human Life in 21st Century America PDF
Executing the Factually Innocent: The U.S. Constitution, Habeus Corpus, and the Death Penalty: Facing the Embarrassing Question At Last (August 2005) PDF
Conforming to the Rule of Law: When Person and Human Being Finally Mean the Same Thing in Fourteenth Amendment Jurisprudence (2006) (Condensed version) PDF
Conforming to the Rule of Law When Person and Human Being Finally Mean the Same Thing in Fourteenth Amendment Jurisprudence (2006/2007) (Complete version) PDF
If I were a Corporation, I’d be a Constitutional Person, too (Spring 2006) PDF
The Rejection of Divine Law in American Jurisprudence: The Ten Commandments, Trivia, and the Stars and Stripes (Summer 2006) PDF

Publications & Commentaries

Authored by Dr. Charles I. M. Lugosi, SJD

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: Impact in the USA and in Canada (21 July 2022) Link
“It Cuts Like a Knife”: The Dismissal of Mary Wagner’s case by the Supreme Court of Canada (21 Feb 2021) Link
Flying Blind: Do Public Officials Risk Criminal Liability by Reopening the Country Without Conducting Necessary COVID-19 Testing? (14 May 2020) Link
The Need to Formulate National Guidelines for ICU Triage During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada (10 April 2020) Link
Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia (7 May 2019) Link
Charles Lugosi: TWU decision sets to stage to oust Christians from the professions (28 June 2018) Link
Temptation to Compromise (26 June 2018) Link
Question Period and Constitutional Crisis Question Period and Constitutional Crisis (9 March 2018) Link
Defending the Jury After Stanley (19 February 2018) Link
No criticism needed: Canada’s jury system works (19 February 2018) Link
Here’s a novel idea: appoint judges on merit (28 April 2010) Link
Why Inmates Should Receive Their Pensions (31 March 2010) Link
Will Ann Coulter dare take on tyrannical Canadian hate speech laws? (31 March 2010) Link
Missing the “Mark” on the question of the burqa and the niqab (7 April 2010) Link
Is Justice More Important Than Law? (Dr. Charles Lugosi) (29 August 2013) Link


Why Truth Matters in Our Laws (28 May 2022) PDF
The Origin of Canada’s Rule of Law (28 May 2022) PDF

Briefs to Canadian Courts

Whatcott Factum Response PDF
May Parliament dehumanize some human beings from the definition of “human being” to legally justify their killing? Wagner v. The Queen PDF
May a civil class action be used to intimidate and silence opposing political dissent at a public political event? Hudspeth v. Whatcott PDF
Should freedom of speech by individual citizens during an election campaign be unregulated in a free and democratic society? PDF 1

Briefs to United States Supreme Court

State of Florida v C. Harris contributed by C. Lugosi PDF
Florida v J. Jardines by C. Lugosi PDF
Amicus Briefs to the United States Supreme Court authored by C. Lugosi, E. Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. PDF
K. Millbrook v USA by C. Lugosi PDF